Wine and Community

We wanted to highlight some of our phenomenal dishes at Anthony’s and we couldn’t think of anything better than a great glass of wine to compliment our dishes.

Here’s a look back at the history of Amalthea Cellar’s and our partnership with them to bring you the finest wines available.

If you think about most of the great experiences we have in our lives, there is always a central theme: community. The ultimate idea of community is centered around people. Humans are anthropomorphic, and community is how we deeply connect with each other. The moments we have in life that are cemented in our memories are all centered around those we love most.

On an average, humans will spend about 25 years in their lifetime sleeping. We get so busy and caught up with “life” we forget how much of it passes right by us.

The table has always been a focal point in cultures because it’s a break in the mundane, a step back from the ordinary. Sharing meals with people can be some of the most treasured memories we will ever have.

Did you know most people will spend about 4 years eating food? That’s over thirty-five thousand hours.

That’s a lot of time centered around a plate, hovered over a stove in the kitchen, or at a favorite restaurant.

For us at Anthony’s good food and good drink are our life-blood and a source we draw from for daily inspiration. It’s a sacred place.

Food for us is two-fold, good cuisine deserves good wine. That’s why for nearly three years, we have been serving and selling Amalthea Cellars wine.

It’s a privilege for us to partner with people that locally produce because our work is our art, and Amalthea cellars shares in our vision.

Amalthea’s first vineyards date back to 1976. Having learned how to make wine in Italy with his grandfather, Louis Caracciolo’s goal in life was clear: make the best wine this side of Italy.

Louis was faced with two incredible challenges in southern New Jersey. He was tasked with figuring out how to grow the best winegrapes, and what technique will yield incredible results.

After years of planning, coupled with a deep infatuation for wine-making, Amalthea Cellars was born.

When looking for the best types of wine to carry, it was a logical choice for Chef Anthony. He hadn’t met anyone that rivaled his passion for food, with the same passion for wine.

At Anthony’s we carry seven of the incredible wines from Amalthea in full bottles or splits.

Some of our favorites are Amalthea’s Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and they even have a beautifully done French style, Rosé.

“Most of the wines you’ll find in Jersey tend to be sweet,” says co-owner of Anthony’s, John Pilarz. “The beauty in Amalthea’s blends are the oak casks they use, which is a traditionally french style of making wine.”

John’s personal favorite is the Cabernet Franc which goes perfectly with Anthony’s seared filet mignon. This adventurous dish is topped with fresh tomatoes, roasted garlic and cheeses over delectable mashed potatoes.

If you had to try one entree from our restaurant, we would recommend a glass of Pinot Noir paired with our prime grilled pork chop. It’s served with asparagus risotto, covered in shallots and a demi-glace sauce.

It’s summer, and that means two things, great drinks, and night’s out with friends. One of our favorites is Amalthea’s Rosé, which is a delightful compliment to our grilled swordfish and fingerling potatoes. This meal will quickly become one of your favorites.

Chef Anthony was recently interviewed and had mentioned an upcoming event entitled “Dine in the Vines.”

We couldn’t be more excited to share this unique experience with you, giving our guests a first-hand experience at Amalthea Cellars, dining right where the wines are brought to life. Stay tuned for opportunities to sign up for this rare experience.

This year marks Chef Anthony’s 35th in business and we couldn’t be prouder. We love the culture we have created and look forward to many more years serving our community great food.

Please stop on by for Wine Down Wednesdays, featuring discounts on wine, and great tapas plates for sharing. Whatever the occasion, we would love to celebrate with you at Anthony’s.