When in Rome

We’ve all heard the expression “When In Rome” right?

Well, it is actually only half of the saying. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

It is famously modeled after the Roman lifestyle, laid back and ready for adventure.

Now if you dug into the history books a little bit, you might ask, ‘was Rome laid back?’ When they were not occupied with taking over the world, they were. They certainly knew how to live, and Roman’s knew how to travel with great ease.

In Rome’s approximately twelve centuries of existence, an estimated 50-90 Million inhabitants lived there. That was around roughly 20% of the world’s population at the time. Over the course of their history, Rome shifted as a civilization three distinct times. They transitioned from a monarchy to a classical republic, eventually becoming an autocratic empire.

Through incredible conquests and assimilating itself into other cultures, Rome became the dominant Empire throughout Southern and Western Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa and parts of the Northern and Eastern parts of Europe.

With each change in Rome, they always retained a unique culture, embodying everything around them.

As Rome grew, and Italy continued to change, the history and culture they inhabited rippled around the world.

As Fall 2015 approaches, we thought we would take a moment and give you some tips for living like the Romans did. Here is our go-to guide for venturing out the front door and onto a great adventure.

You know… When in Rome!

  • When in doubt, just Uffizi.

The Galleria Degli Uffizi in Florence Italy is one of the oldest museums in the world. The Gallery at Uffizi is a cherished relic in the world of art. Located in an enormous 16th-century palace, the Uffizi is a breathe-taking accomplishment worth visiting for any art lover. This museum contains some of the most brilliant masterpieces of Western Art.

If there’s one lesson you can take from traveling like an Italian, it is visiting museums whenever and wherever you can.

Our traveling tip:

  1. When you visit a new city or country, make sure to visit the top museums there. You’ll not only gain a history lesson but get to know the culture better as well.
  • When in Rome, just coffee.

Lee Marshall wrote a fantastic piece on Italian Coffee Culture for the Telegraph a few years back.

He nails it, complete with a Ten Commandments list.

“Named for the beverage that it served, the first caffeine, or café, in Venice opened around 1683 and soon became synonymous with comfortable atmosphere, conversation, and good food, this adding romance and sophistication to the coffee experience.” -The Great Italian Cafe

Italian coffee historically speaking was served in small doses, multiple times over the course of the day. It was also incredibly sharp and bitter. Over time, Italians developed new forms of coffee drinks to cut through the bitterness. Ere-go the latte and cappuccino.

You are welcome Starbucks.

“The roots of espresso are in post-second-world-war Italy,” says James Hoffman, owner of Square Mile Coffee Roasters and author of the World Atlas of Coffee.

Our traveling tip:

  1. It is all about the beans. When you travel to a new place, map out three coffee shops to try depending on how long you are in town. Try the espresso, cold brew (iced coffee), try a cortado. You’ll be highly caffeinated, and ready to hit the streets traveling.
  • When in Rome, drink all the wine.

Closely followed by France, Italy is the global leader in wine production by volume. Home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, Italy ranks fifth in wine consumption around the world and is a leader in pioneering some of the best tasting wine this side of Heaven.

Health benefits aside, wine is considered to be a part of ordinary life in Italy. History points to wine being a part of the main celebrations globally, as-well-as a drink that adds longevity to life.

Our traveling tip:

  1. Wine Folly put together an impressive flow chart for Italian Red Wines. Grab a couple of bottles and plan a picnic on one of the days of your trip. There will be fewer moments of elation when your taste buds are hit with Italian Greatness.

Italy is not just known for their laidback lifestyle. Sophistication, decadence, and incredible intelligence have always made Italy a beautiful and unique country.

When you plan your next trip, remember to make it a memorable one. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for our upcoming events at Anthony’s!